Why Getting Along With People Is Important In American Institute of Architects

March 3, 2018

     It has been said that one good secret in getting ahead in the corporate world is to be convivial and amiable among the co-workers. You can be as incompetent as you can, but if you know how to get along, you can still get to climb the corporate ladder. This is something, however, that’s being challenged by the current Executive Vice President/Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Mr. Robert Ivy.

You probably already know that AIA is one of the most premier organizations in the world today that represent a lot of the licensed architects in the United States, and other professionals working in the design industry. It is the organization that provides the right support, module and instructional materials for all the architects to stay ahead in their career.

The Responsibilities

The new position that Robert Ivy holds doesn’t come easy and requires him to get along with many people. There will not be a dearth of tasks that will be in front of him, especially because he’s the man that’s going to handle the Washington DC post and handle the program budget of the organization that reaches about $56 million in annual allocation.

There’s also about 206 full-time employees in the helm of Robert Ivy, and that will be something that won’t come easy for him. Fortunately, Robert Ivy is one of the most talented, impressive and time-tested management leaders in the architecture industry, and his role as the Editor in Chief of Architectural Record makes him one of the proven leaders in the industry to date.

Robert Ivy’s Background

You probably already know that Robert Ivy got his Masters of Architecture at the Tulane University, which is some form of achievement that many are privileged to get. The study that Robert did at the Sewanee: The University of the South is also one of the most stellarly transformative trainings that he got and that contributed to where he is right now.

The Editor in Chief stint for the Architectural Record came to Robert Ivy in 1996, and thereafter, he also got the Vice President position ( a hard job to get, in the first place) and Editorial Director job at the McGraw-Hill Construction Media.

We should also need to put here that Robert Ivy is not new to awards. While holding positions for the GreenSource Magazine, Architectural Record: China and HQ Magazine, he was able to generate a series of awards for his name, which includes the Editorial Leadership Award for Architectural Record and a series of industry honors from publishers and stakeholders. He was also given the American Society of Magazine (E)ditors (N)ational Magazine Award for his outstanding and distinct excellent performance in the positions he held.

Truly, Robert Ivy is a walking example that while it’s important to get along with people, you still also need to have the guns to be able to win.

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