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Vinod Gupta’s Perspective On The American Dream

December 4, 2018


In a blog post from Medium, Vinod Gupta, the nationally recognized entrepreneur gives his grand perspective on the “American Dream” and if it really can be possible, to which he absolutely does despite all the many obstacles in the path. He was ironically born on the fourth of July and believes that the dream is attainable through hard work, dedication, and believing in one’s self.

Vinod Gupta gives an example of where he came from: a small Indian village without many basic resources such as water, cars, TV, and electricity, however, he went to school at the University of Nebraska and later went to college where he excelled and continued after some belief from a professor. Vinod Gupta’s parents would make the sacrifice to borrow money to fund his plane ticket to Nebraska and obtained a degree in engineering and masters in business administration.

Later Vinod Gupta got a job in Nebraska working for companies as a marketing research analyst and he made sound investments to make money. Vinod’s career started to kick off working for various companies and founding his own making lists in telephone books.

Vinod Gupta then started to get more customers and expanded his business as a result. He credits a strong education background for his success and has been able to help out his family, along with himself. There is even a school in India named after himself called the Vinod Gupta School of Management, which offers many programs and is rated a great school.

The main takeaway that the entrepreneur wants others to know is that they can do anything they put their mind to and if they don’t know what to do, look around for a problem and fix it. Go Here to watch his video on YouTube.


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