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Victoria Doramus Gives Back

August 14, 2018

Victoria Doramus spends lots of time and resources volunteering her time and expertise to many charitable organizations. Room to Read is on the organizations Victoria holds dear and helps the organization grow and continue their growth. Room to Read focuses on helping low-income families around the world gain access to adequate education. Victoria also volunteers at the Amy Winehouse Foundation, an organization that focuses on preventing drug and alcohol abuse. Victoria, herself has dealt with the addiction disease.

At 26, according to Crunchbase, Victoria Doramus was addicted to Adderall and cocaine and checked herself into a drug rehab out in Tucson Arizona. While in Arizona, Victoria was in the rehab for 45 days however this would not be her last visit to a rehab facility. After leaving Arizona, Victoria moved to LA. While in LA, Victoria’s struggles continued, as she was attempting to get a hold of her addictions on her own. Victoria would spend the next four years or so moving around from state to state. Victoria moved to London to attend Graduate school, trying to escape her addictions with no success.

In 2016, Victoria Doramus (@victoriadoramus) would for the second time checked herself into another rehab facility. This time Victoria attended a rehab facility in Connecticut, where she would stay for 60 days this time. After release, Victoria continued struggling as she witnessed her addictions grow, and she continued losing control. Victoria Doramus would be homeless, and without any friends or family for support. After being arrested on Thanksgiving Day, Victoria had enough and decided to check in to another rehab this time the Burning Tree down in Texas.

The Burning Tree’s rehab program was run like a boot camp, with very strict rules and a packed schedule that lasted the entire day. After two unsuccessful attempts to control her addictions, the consumer trends expert, finally learned effective tools to fight her addiction disease and currently helps others like herself in their fight against drug addiction.