Upwork’s Insane Success: Security and Opportunity While Freelancing

December 10, 2018

Freelancers from all over the world have chosen Upwork as their go-to first option when it comes to earning money online as a freelancer. is a juggernaut in the industry, with thousands of orders surfacing every week, freelancers joining in and applying for jobs while customers from all types of backgrounds are looking for professionals that can draw, write, teach, translate, program or even make websites.

Upwork was made with a goal in mind: To create a platform for freelancers and clients to build business relationships and make things happen with maximum security. The current platform is just that: One of the most secure freelancing websites in the market, with a great interface, plenty of job offers and the opportunity for everyone to become a freelancer and start earning money online.

Upwork is a highly successful business, and the IPO of the company attracts dozens of tech investors as the promise of profit prevails.

Since the foundation of the platform in 2014, when Elance and oDesk were merged into Upwork, it gets curious eyes from investors and funders from all over the world, from a variety of industries. The company has raised hundreds of millions in funding from these investors, and significant stakeholders like Benchmark and the Sigma Partners have profited with the enormous growth the website experienced since its foundation.

Upwork’s revenue has surpassed $225 million with thousands of freelancers providing all kinds of services and generating income, all while networking with the countless clients that access the website from 180 countries.

Upwork allows freelancers to search for job offers, which are posted and funded by clients who are seeking professionals to apply for the job. The best freelancers are then chosen by these patrons, who will communicate with each other and provide more information about the service. This platform has been proven to provide the opportunity for clients to specify the requirements while freelancers can apply and build their portfolios and profiles to become attractive to these customers.

Many freelancing websites have risen since the popularity of Upwork, but the platform still provides top security and the best opportunities in the market. The company is growing by each passing year and will continue to grow as time goes on.

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