This is How Matthew Fleeger Is Improving The Oil and Gas Industry

April 15, 2019

Founded in 1970, the family-owned Gulf Coast Western LLC is aiming to expand its influence and presence beyond the Gulf region. The company’s strengths lie in creating synergies in resources, talent, know-how and experience, which allow for the acquisition and development of domestic oil and gas reserves. Matthew Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western President and CEO, attributes the company’s success to effective relationship-building, achieved through integrity and transparency.

Strengthening the Business’s Current Foundation

Through its key partnerships, Gulf Coast Western has obtained property rights, as well as access to important 3D seismic data for the Southwestern Louisiana region. Prospecting and acquisition in the Gulf area have been facilitated through working with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd, two very important partners.

Reducing risk is paramount for retaining the trust of the company’s participating partners and is important in building trust as an industry player. Gulf Coast Western chooses what to invest in using risk analysis that maximizes the prospect of high returns while minimizing downside exposure.

Improving an Industry Through Integrity as a Best Practice

As per Fleeger’s words and actions, it is the company’s focus on ethics and integrity in the competitive oil and gas space, that paves the road to success. Coming from an illustrious business background, Matthew Fleeger has excelled in a wide spectrum of industries, ranging from the founding of a medical waste disposal company to starting two of the leading tanning companies in the world with nine-figures combined revenue.

Fleeger is considered an expert in the oil and gas market. The industry recognizes his finance, marketing, team building, and negotiating abilities. Over a thousand accredited collaborations nationwide are proof that Matthew Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western hold business integrity highly and that the company is improving this extremely competitive industry as a whole.