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The Irrefutable Work And Contribution Of Carsten Thiel In The Medical Scene

April 5, 2019


Carsten Thiel was born in Berlin, Germany where he went on to study chemistry in Malburg. He also moved to the United Kingdom whereby he studied at the University of Bristol. Most of his career path was focused on studying of chemistry and he later specialized in studying biochemistry. He furthered his education by studying at the Max Planck Institute Of Biophysical Chemistry where graduated with a Molecular Biology, PhD.


Carsten Thiel has played a leading role through the exercise of his expertise and knowledge in the medical field by initiating some of the best health products Prolia, Vectibix, Neulasta among others. These products have gone a long way in helping and improving the lives of many people due to their therapeutic importance.


Carsten Thiel has always been driven by the desire and urge to adopt new medical procedures due to his innovative nature that improve the quality of healthcare and relationship between healthcare givers and patients that ensure more care is provided to patients.


Carsten Thiel has managed to work within the medical community whereby he has managed to have many successes especially in coming up with medical products that have gone a long way to better the lives of many patients, a few being those seeking to lose weight as well as treatment of cancer patients. He has rose through the ranks due to the determination and hard work he has put in every position of leadership he has operated at.


He has played a leading role in making difficult decisions that have led to the success of the entities he has worked for in the medical sector and has continued to maintain a close relationship with his patients who he considers to be the biggest actors in his medical practice. Go To This Page to view his page on Twitter.


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