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The Growth Of Kimberly Bakker

December 4, 2018


Are you one of those individuals constantly daydreaming about what it would be like not to work under someone? Maybe the entrepreneurial spirit is there, but tapping into it seems difficult. Within this article is a story about an individual which built a brand out of determination and motivation. Kimberly Bakker is a great story of a person that remains driven by a passion, yet never forgets others.


Kimberly Bakker was born in California in the San Francisco area. After graduating from high school with honors, Ms. Bakker went on to Southern California University to pursue a business degree. Outside of college education, she gave back in various ways by teaching, and assisting women sororities through the Panhellenic panel. Bakker while in college, also was employed at a hotel company. She was a director for both the sales and advertising departments within the company’s multiple locations.


Before investing in her own event planning company, Ms. Bakker worked for a few years Showcasing her skills through other popular promoting businesses. By the time her own company opened in the beginning of the twentieth century, Bakker was ready to take on big name companies by herself. According to Crunchbase, these companies were “Dom Perignon, Louis Vuitton, and Moet& Chandon.” There’s no doubt that Kimberly Bakker is a veteran in her field. Her experiences stretch over a sixteen-year time frame.


Not only does Bakker plan events, but she is great at raising money for them too! Bakker helped create and opened a restaurant which she played a role in earning millions of dollars in revenue during its opening year. Ms. Bakker is a woman of many hats, for she was selected in the early two thousands by the mayor of San Francisco at that time, to be a protocol officer.


Also, Kimberly Bakker oversaw a popular event which involved antiques. The amount raised during the antique showcase was over one million dollars. However, Ms. Bakker isn’t just about hosting and producing extravagant engagements. She serves as the head member for many important causes. Bakker’s Services extends towards helping groups of young people without homes. Furthermore, she also assists with animal assistance.


When it comes to a question of can one really do it all? Looking back at Kimberly Bakker’s experiences, she shows not only can a person do what they want and love. That individual can also fit in the time to volunteer, help others learn, sit at the front of and stand up for a cause, and more! See This Page for additional information. (n.d.). Kimberly Bakker. Crunchbase Inc. Retrieved from (n.d). University of Southern California Panhellenic Council. What is PHC? Retrieved from


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