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The Current State Of Biotechnology

February 28, 2019


Just like any other sectors in the economy, there are many developments in the biotechnology industry. Everyone would want to live longer and healthier lives and various studies have been carried out to achieve that. Advanced technology has been adopted in the sector and that has accelerated the rate of key inventions. The developments are taking place at a faster rate as compared to the previous years.

Some researchers including Carsten Thiel have highlighted three factors that are believed to cause changes. One of the main reasons is the advancement of technology.

Sequencing of the human genome is one of the main activities in the sector. Statistics have shown a significant reduction in the cost of the biological process. The first sequencing was done in 1995 and cost $2.7 billion. In the next decade, it cost $10 million. Currently, the service can be acquired at less than $1,000. The cost reduction is attributed to the adoption of better technology over the years and this has helped in discovering new drugs.

The use of computers has facilitated statistical analysis for biotechnology researchers and the storage of relevant information. New technology has allowed the use of human biology as substrates in research. Traditionally, only animals were used. Various processes in biotechnology have also been automated and this has had a positive impact in the industry. View Additional Info Here.

The development of new technology has also enabled researchers such as Carsten Thiel to have a deeper understanding of human biology. According to some scholars, robotic automation has revolutionized biotechnology by facilitating computations.

Scientists such as Carsten Thiel have also developed small molecules which are used in targeting biological targets.


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