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The Chainsmokers Keep Making Chart Climbing Look Easy

June 14, 2018

When you look at success in the pop world you cannot overlook the powerhouse duo of The Chainsmokers. These are some fun individuals that have come together for a hand full of tracks that have made them quite success.


While some people are still talking about the success of songs like “Kanye” and “Closer,” some fans are looking at all the new songs like “Sick Boy” and the newness of “Somebody.” Fans have the ability to watch The Chainsmokers put this video together in fast forward. Originally, these two were known for their production, but now they appear to have quite an intricate connection to the every aspect of their own music. They are producing music and they also want to put their time into the visual production of the music that is coming forth. That is what makes this duo such a powerhouse. They are very hands-on when it comes to the finished product.


The Chainsmokers have managed to create a lot of different hits, but it appears that they have a desire to do more of a tutorial type of concept where they show people how they’re actually composing the music. Fans that are interested in the creative process may take to the way that this duo is able to put tracks together. They are one of the hottest things in the world of pop music that is bass heavy, but now they also are incorporating more synthesizers and pianos into their songs as well. This tends to add another element of intrigue that keeps there fans wondering what they would do next.


The reality is that The Chainsmokers may not even know what their next move is. This is a group that connected with large audiences quickly, and a slew of singles will follow after they became successful. The Chainsmokers are never had the ability to play around with different sounds because they have not really been in the business that long. They are focused on building a career that involves longevity, and they know that getting outside of their comfort zone will help them achieve longevity.