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Sussex Healthcare’s Commitment To Seniors Care In The Society

May 15, 2018

Sussex Healthcare has been on the leading side for 20 years in providing health care to the seniors in the society and adults who need special care. The organizations run its facilities on the southern coast of England. Shafik Sachedian and Shiraz Boghani are the strongholds in the company as chairmen. They bring into the company great skills and experiences. Shiraz has skills in managing the hotels while Shafik is experienced in the medical industry as a dental surgeon. Throughout the years, Shafik has provided intensive care to the elderly and created very vibrant networks in line with this.


Sussex Healthcare is a recipient of End-of-Life Care Award from the Gold Standard Framework. Sussex Healthcare is also well known for their excellent services to people living with dementia, disabilities, and terminal illnesses.


The company also holds a large range of accreditations bestowed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).


Sussex Healthcare opened the first facility in 1985. Since then, it has successfully added more facilities, and they now stand at around 20. All of these facilities operate under Sussex Healthcare, which is inclusive of daycare and state-of-art gym. They have residential houses to enhance full care. Apart from the major role in operating the live-in facilities for seniors with dementia disorders, the company does not leave behind the younger adults who face neurological disorders as well as other cognitive problems. The organization takes care of all individuals regardless of the level of care needed. Sussex Healthcare has very skilled staff in caregiving and the support team that has extensive experience and commitment. All these take time to guard and attend to the patients living within the facility homes of Sussex Healthcare. The philosophy that keeps the company going is that all people deserve reliable access to social, leisure, and recreational opportunities. The organization has additional programs that encourage the residents to be engaged actively in their environs especially through personal action plans and leisure. At the residential facilities, the organization values hygiene and quality nutritional foods. That is why Sussex Healthcare commit to employing qualified chefs and staffs to work in such capacities.


Sussex Healthcare has always maintained its standards in the kind of services they give. They are known for the provision of nursing and residential care. They have over 580 living arrangements under their control. Among the professionals, include seasoned care giving nurses among other professionals. The residential facilities provide therapeutic programs and activities that usually scheduled on a regular basis in each of the facilities. Some of the programs include physiotherapy, reflexology, and occupational therapy. All the kitchens run under the rule that there should be local sourcing of the ingredients. They also have a provision for meals that are flexible enough for specific individuals with special dietary requirements. Visit This Page for additional information.


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