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Surviving Real Estate with Jim Toner

July 31, 2018

Jim toner has been in the real estate business for over 25 years. He has done everything from selling wholesale with no money or credit, to giving paid off homes to veterans. In 2010, some things happened and he decided to leave the real estate world. The thing that really made the decision concrete was when a guru, who was known across the nation, scammed him and some of his clients. The guru pretty much stole all of their money and ruined countless lives. After this happened, he sat down and thought about the stuff he had to do and the experiences he went through and decided he didn’t want anything to do with real estate again.

He started working with entrepreneurs and and business owners to increase their businesses and even wrote a book about his real estate experience. He had a friend talk to him about real estate investment and when Jim told him he wasn’t in it anymore, the friend let it go for awhile. Then, a couple months later, the friend came to him again. He pretty much told him that he was the real deal and had no idea why he got out of the business.

At this point, he thought about everything and decided he would get back into it. The real estate investor gave his friend 2 conditions. They were: he got to pick the market and he would recruit the best investor he could. They decided on 5 markets and started in Akron, Ohio. He then looked for the perfect investor. This eventually turned into several investors and business was booming.

Jim Toner (@thejimtoner) and his team give the best they can and try to stay out of the dirtier parts of real estate. They always stick to their word and they practice what they preach. They want to be the best and move up to number 1 without having to sacrifice what they stand for. It helps that they only bring the best people on and they don’t feed into the hype of gurus and stuff that seems too good to be true. They are a world class business that strives for excellence.

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