Surf Air’s Unique Travel Club Has Served Customers Diligently For 5 Years

September 13, 2018

For five years, Surf Air has delivered excellent service to its clients. Its members benefit from paying a fixed rate for as many flights as they may need to take during a given time. This can result in significant savings when compared to paying for each individual flight without such a service. Surf Air services a wide variety of popular cities within California, and the organization even has a Private Suite inside of LAX, which enhances the passengers’ experiences within the terminal. Additionally, members of this service also gain access to FoundersCard, which offers many benefits when it comes to travel, especially better rates at luxury hotels.


In California, members of Surf Air’s travel club take an unlimited amount of flights to a number of attractive destinations in the state. For this service, there is a simple monthly fee, and Surf Air has managed to accomplish this by forming strong relationships with terminals and private aircraft businesses. Ordinary travelers have to deal with some annoying inconveniences like unreasonable waiting times, luggage being lost, delays and unsatisfactory customer service. These frustrations, fortunately, become a thing of the past for members of Surf Air. Click Here to learn more.


The company has been able to successfully compete with both private jets and commercial airlines for a few reasons. Surf delivers to its customers the comfort and luxury of a private flight, but with much lower prices than its competitors. The fact that the company will not book any more than eight passengers on a single flight makes it quite an attractive option for those who are looking to relax and avoid the chaos of the traditional flying experience. Improving consistently on its service and adding new destinations is something that is also of great importance to the organization.


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