Steve Lesnard shares his principles of digital world product marketing

May 2, 2019

It is undeniable that the digital era we are in now has brought a lot of changes to lots of industries. One industry that has changed by a great deal is product marketing. Most companies are still trying to figure out how to do product marketing in the digital world. Recently, the celebrated global brand marketing expert and consultant, Steve Lesnard wrote a very insightful article on the matter. In this article, he shared his principles of digital world product marketing. Steve has a very decorated career as a global brand marketing expert having worked with numerous notable companies.

Make the campaign simple and memorable

The expert global brand marketing consultant wrote in his article that many brands today miss the mark by aiming for sophisticated campaigns. He pointed out that from his experience the best approach is to keep the marketing drive simple and memorable. The campaign should be based on a simple idea that people can easily understand according to Steve Lesnard.

Steve went on to mention that despite the idea being simple it should also be memorable. This means that the consumers can carry the product in their head until the day that they make the purchase. This expert global brand marketing consultant went on to give the example of Apple. He pointed out that Apple has been using this tactic for most of their products. This was very fruitful for the case of the iPod marketing campaign.

Bring the idea to life and make a connection

According to Steve Lesnard, bringing the idea to life and making connections is very vital to the success of a marketing campaign. He mentioned that a marketing campaign should show the benefits of the products to its intended consumers. This way, the consumer can clearly see how having the product will improve their life.

In addition to this, marketing teams should also consider taking advantage of testimonials in their campaigns. Steve Lesnard pointed out that consumers tend to believe more testimonials from their fellow consumers. He went ahead to mention that a professional or business that can well apply these principles should expect nothing but success.

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