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Ryan Emmons Receives Recognition for the Three Points he used to Build Waiakea Water

November 9, 2018

Very few brands of bottled water have gained recognition for their practices. In fact, one online article drew attention to the inability to see any difference between many of today’s popular brands. Ryan Emmons made his brand of bottled water stand out by creating it to be different right from the start. At 27 years old, Mr. Emmons launched Waiakea water based on three key principles. The first was sustainability, which he accomplished by sourcing the water from a natural spring on Hawaii.

One aspect that most brands of bottled water seem to use as a marketing point is its health benefits. This marketing point is actually true for Waiakea water, which has a pH level that is very close to the body’s own. Since the Waiakea water pH is so close to what the body has naturally, it is able to more fully hydrate all of the systems within. Additional volcanic water benefits found in this brand include the health properties of several minerals. This is because the water is also enriched naturally with calcium, potassium and magnesium.

The third aspect used by Ryan Emmons to market Waiakea water was social consciousness. After discovering that only around 20 percent of the recyclable plastic bottles used by water manufacturing companies actually get recycled, he chose to use bottles that were already made from recycled plastic. The rPet bottles currently in use by this brand will soon be replaced by an even more fully degradable type of plastic. This will allow the bottles to decompose in only 15 years time rather than the 1,500 years it currently takes for traditional plastic.

The beneficial aspects of Waiakea water did not go unnoticed. The Specialty Food Association recognized the efforts put forth by Mr. Emmons in creating a positive impact environmentally, economically and socially. This association gave Mr. Emmons their Leadership Award for outstanding citizenship. In addition to the health benefits of this Hawaiian volcanic water and the actions taken by Mr. Emmons to provide responsible manufacturing, Waiakea water is also working to bring clean water to remote areas in Africa by partnering with Pump Aid.