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Roseann Bennett’s Stance On Supporting Women In Business

September 25, 2018


As a female entrepreneur who’s found success in the male-dominated business world, Roseann Bennett grasps the sanctity of empowering women in the workplace. Roseann Bennett suggests that eliminating gender prejudice in professional settings is both vital and conducive to sound business. From unequal pay to unconscious bias, Bennett finds flagrant discrimination repugnant to the modern world. According to Bennett, here are some “organic ways” employers can create an impartial work environment.


Roseann Bennett asserts that creating a level playing field for men and women is achieved by setting goals. In other words, Bennett states that companies ought to strive to “hire a specific amount of women within a certain timeline.” By doing so, Bennett maintains that it encourages employers to take note of skewed ratios. Moreover, Bennett urges companies to operate on a code of transparency.


If there are glaring gender inequalities in play, Bennett believes that organizations should acknowledge them as opposed to sitting idly by while the issues fester. While Bennett recognizes how uncomfortable discussing these affairs can be, she subscribes to the notion that transparency bodes well for a fair workplace. Go Here to learn about Bennett in her interview with IdeaMensch.


Bennett also brings attention to the fact that men and women have wholly different experiences in work settings. Since women are predisposed to partiality, Bennett argues that understanding diverse experiences is crucial to discerning the “external factors and social standards” that promote occupational bias. Above all else, Bennett stresses the importance of “showing initiative.” From suggesting changes to implementing them, Bennett strongly encourages companies to demonstrate progress by remaining loyal to their promises of eliminating gender inequality. As workplaces continue to diversify, Bennett upholds that bolstering women in business settings is more essential than ever.


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