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Roseann Bennett: The Successful Marriage Counselor Who Supports Modern Treatment Methods

January 1, 2019


Roseann Bennett is a prominent healthcare practitioner known for co-founding the Center for Assessment and Treatment, one of the prominent not-for-profit organizations majoring in providing mental health care services. The licensed marriage, as well as family counselor, has extensive experience in marital and treatment planning, crisis management, in addition to case management.


Roseann Bennett has extensively worked with adolescents as well as their families. Over the years, she has also held several executive positions in high-profile companies including serving as ACS Approved Supervisor. Bennett is also the Northern Chapter President of the New Jersey Association for Family Therapist.


Roseann Bennett had been working with different people in the community when she realized that many individuals couldn’t access mental healthcare because they lacked money. She also noted that the wait for treatment was close to six months. Prompt mental healthcare focused on assisting patients was always returned to her following the lack of continuation care.


Her husband, therefore, joined her to form Center for Assessment and Treatment. The charitable organization is now advocating for individuals as well as families from various walks of life. The management gives special attention to patients from low-income earning families because the community has marginalized them.


Bennett’s approach toward establishing the organization was modesty. She started it conservatively after obtaining her license. She then invested in office space using her home furniture. The coupled didn’t focus on appearance, letterhead or various expenses that would be expensive. They reached out to potential clients by remaining active in the community. Go To This Page for more information.


By attending meetings, the duo opened the organization after six days. They focused on understanding their clients and their needs. They realized their patient’s requirements thereby providing their needs regardless of their situations. Bennett is now serving more than hundreds of clients. Roseann Bennett uses modern treatment methods to improve patient’s mental health.


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