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Roseann Bennett: Incorporating An Ingenious Strategy Within Her Therapeutic Practice

October 23, 2018


Roseann Bennett is an individual who can be classically characterized by others as being genuinely sympathetic in nature. Her role within society as a family therapist has not only enabled her to help mold the interactive environment that we all live in through her positive impact upon the emotional growth of clients, but it has also allowed her to feel fulfilled in her life’s purpose of being able to express her own inner passion.

Prior to practicing as a therapist, Roseann Bennett completed her educational requirements as a student at Seton Hall University where she studied courses in psychology to earn her degree. For over 10 years, she has been distinctively recognized within the state of New Jersey for being innovatively driven in commitment to her practice as an in-home family and marriage therapist. In comprising the foundation of her practice, she has sought to utilize the most effective counseling and psychology applications to help treat a wide range of patients with various mental health issues.

Being that Roseann Bennett was extremely passionate in her management of crisis intervention cases, she wanted to expand her services far beyond her in-home practice limitations in order to have the opportunity help many other clients suffering from mental distress. To help carry out her mission, she co-founded the Center for Assessment and Treatment in 2009 out of Hackettstown, NJ to service as a charitable organization that provides mental health assistance to clients from all spectrums of life.

Within her years of practice, Bennett has had the privilege to work with autistic children with behavioral issues whom she noticed as having an improved/serene attitude when allowed to play with dogs. Nonetheless, upon her observation of this change, she made the ingenious decision to start incorporating Canine Assisted Therapy within her sessions with clients.

Backed by research, Canine Assisted Therapy is a form of therapy that has been proven to elevate one’s mood by allowing clients to interact closely with canines. Recently, Roseann Bennett added a canine as a new addition to the family at the assessment center to become certified to administer his companionship to spark positive emotions within the lives of clients. Go Here for additional information.