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Robert Deignan Gives Insight on Bringing the Best Out Of The New Technology

March 6, 2019

With the new technology, at least everybody now owns a gadget. These gadgets range from cell phones to desktops. Even so, the devices are very prone to damage especially if not well handled. Robert Deignan has come to the rescue of the owners, where he offers solutions on how to repair the devices.

Born in Fort Laundress, Robert received his primary education like any other child at his time. He later moved to Purdue University where he graduated with an Organizational Leadership degree. He then got a job at the Miami Dolphins where he worked for a short period before moving onto greener pastures at the NY Jets. While here, Robert worked tirelessly and honed his skills in his field.

After a couple of years at NY Jets, Robert Deignan felt confident enough with his entrepreneurial skills and co-founded Fanlink, Inc., a company that connects sports lovers with their favorite clubs. Robert later moved to Anti-Malware Software Company. The company dealt with and still deals with software installation. It was while at Malware that Robert Deignan won the hearts of many customers due to the services that he offered to them. He later on co-founded ATS Digital Services, where he is now the CEO and President.

With the new technology, Deignan has saved and changed the experience of many consumers who have embraced his advice on how to use it to their benefit. He advises that people using the new technology, for instant social media platform should use it creatively to be productive. He goes on and says that being productive by using the latest technology can enhance a person’s creativity, avoiding multiple windows on your gadget that can be distracting.

Another thing that Robert advises on is for people to be diverse. A person can be easily addicted to their devices, causing them to be unproductive to society. Consuming information from other sources is very important as it helps a person to expound on ideas. He says that it is okay if we learn how to control technology and not let technology control us. By so doing, you get to benefit fully from the new technology that has hit the world with a bang.