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Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions Provides Reliable Financial Advice to Clients

January 15, 2018

Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions in Austin, Texas, has proved himself a reliable and confident financial advisor. His investment advisory firm guides clients to manage, protect, and grow their assets for significant profit in an otherwise unstable national economy. Blair, who provides retirement planning services as well, advocates that everyone needs a strong plan on which to rest the foundation of their economic pursuits. Once this plan is secured, clients can feel comfortable pursuing their unique financial goals.


Wealth Solutions utilizes a comprehensive core analysis of three main pillars to quickly discover and assess a client’s finances and create a roadmap from which to launch a circumspect plan that is customized for each client. A 2016 article on Anthony Cioe’s financial advice blog easily explains these three pillars. The first pillar includes helping a client assess where their finances currently stand. Here, the client can accurately identify their strengths, goals, risk tolerances, and growth opportunities. The second pillar allows the client to develop and extrapolate a long-term strategy that is tailored specifically to the client’s investment and liquidity goals. The third pillar brings together the strategic planning of the first two by concluding with Blair meeting the client’s insurance needs.


Richard Blair launched Wealth Solutions in 1994, immediately after graduating college in 1993. Wealth Solutions brings together Blair’s love of finance and his affinity for education and teaching to serve the Austin, Texas, area. Richard Blair works with a range of clients, including individuals, families, and small business owners, and he holds a multiplicity of certifications, including certifications as an annuity specialist (CAS), estate and trust specialist (CES), fund specialist (CFS), income specialist (CIS), tax specialist (CTS), and retirement income certified professional (RICP). Blair has acquired nearly 30 years of unique financial expertise. As an independent advisor, he is beholden only to his clients and has no proprietary products. Instead, he has the freedom to utilize a wide range of services and products. The extensive wealth of his resources and the independent, local nature of his firm extend to clients a large breadth of options and the possibility for streamlined, personally tailored services.


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