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Raj Nair is dismissed; Bruno Fagali insists on the Value of Compliance

May 14, 2018

The dismissal of Ford Motor’s president Mr. Raj Nair has sparked a lot of controversy with the major question being why he was dismissed. Amid the allegations of misconduct by the executive leader, the car industry leader announced that he was to step down immediately. Ford withheld information on the reasons for dismissal. Nevertheless, their review cited determined certain behaviors which highly contributed to his outsing as that was against Ford’s code of conduct.

When did Nair Join Ford Motor?

Raj Nair joined the company in 1987. Since then, he has held a series of leadership posts before he was elected the head cheerleader of the company in mid 2017. His promotion was appended to his vast experience and ethics. Alongside a thorough review by the board of directors, Raj Nair’s promotion was effective immediately.

Employee’s Sentiments

Regarding Nair’s dismissal, the head cheerleaders of the firm stated that Ford Motor is dedicated to providing excellent and respectful culture. Alongside values that must be upheld, it was critical for the company to let go of employees who would otherwise tarnish their image. Similarly, Raj Nair stated that he was apologetic in every way. In his statement, it was clear that he was remorseful and regretted failing to exhibit leadership behaviors.

Reasons for Dismissal

Intermittently, organizations have to let go of employees at some point. In this case, Raj was the latest leader to be ousted amid a renewal project on leadership behavior as well as the handling of women in cases of inappropriate behavior. The new climate at work has vehemently attracted various movements with ‘me too’ being the most memorable. Other than that, Bruno Fagali has issued a statement saying that no one is above the law when it comes to compliance.

Understanding the Compliance Issues

As Fagali further breaks it down, work policies must be observed to the latter. Moreover, irrespective of the position an individual holds, business must be respected. Bruno Fagali continues to reiterate the value of upholding ethics, citing job security. While the actual details of Nair’s misconduct were withheld, his apology clearly proved his guilt.


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