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Paul Herdsman

January 1, 2019


Who Is Paul Herdsman and Why Does He Matter To CrunchBase?

Some of you might have heard of Paul Herdsman already. He is the CEO of a customer service company in Jamaica. However, he is more than that. He has positioned himself to become one of the most talked about entrepreneurs in business and is the owner of the company NICE Global.

Paul Herdsman sat down for an interview with one of our digital online magazines and here is a brief excerpt on some of the things he talked about.


Have your previous professional liaisons helped you become the owner of NICE Global?

Without a doubt. Paul Herdsman was able to find out where his strengths are and what excites him. It was more than just figuring out what he liked and disliked. It was about using the skills Paul learned to grow.

Paul Herdsman developed a business philosophy that aligned with his personal beliefs. A lot of blood, sweat and tears, and a few years later, Paul Herdsman is now the owner of NICE Global.


How Did NICE Global come about?

Paul was already doing a lot of what he does now with a few other companies, various outsourcing posts, etc. He basically combined everything he was doing into one company. Refer to This Article for more information.


How do you handle new people that come on board?

Paul Herdsman, or someone on my staff, takes every new employee and gives them a series of extensive training sessions. He does believe in placing someone into the lion’s den on their first day and see what happens. A lot of companies do that. That is not the way to grow a company or foster your employee’s morale. Through extensive training. every person is able to see what they will be doing and how it affects the big picture for the company. Every person has a role. Every job has its own dignity. To find out more about Paul, visit his CrunchBase page.


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