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Paul Herdsman On Succeeding In Business And The Zombie/Smartphone Apocalypse

August 14, 2018

“… become a great problem solver.”, is Paul Herdsman’s Advice For Success in life and business. That philosophy led to his co-founding NICE Global a business solutions company and becoming its COO.


Prior to 2014, Paul Herdsman worked in online customer recruitment and consumer software. His company at that time dealt with outsourcing companies in five nations. That arrangement soon became untenable, so Herdsman and his partners decided to simplify things. Their solution was to establish NICE Global in Montego Bay Jamaica as a nearshore solutions company.


Paul Herdsman is concerned with making the most productive use of time. He argues that contrary to popular belief generating pointless emails and attending superfluous meetings is counterproductive. Herdsman wants his employees to focus on projects that actually benefit the company and promote its growth.


In that vein, peoples’ addiction to their smartphones concerns Herdsman. He worries that smartphone usage is creating a race of “zombies”. To address the issue he proposes an app on smartphones that helps people track their usage. Herdsman’s theory is that if folks realize how much time they waste checking their social media accounts they might find better uses for that time.


Instead of working hard work smart is the essence of Paul Herdsman’s advice to aspiring business people. Keep messages and conversations short and to the point. As always learn to distinguish between necessary and unnecessary tasks.


Also, make sure every employee understands every aspect of the company’s operation. This will foster productivity by showing staff how the performance of their duties affects their co-workers’ performance. In this way employees better understand their role in the company’s success. See This Page for related information.


Approach business proposals with measured cynicism. Herdsman states that this helps him formulate the right questions. A reputation for asking the right questions forces a presenter to be better prepared.


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