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Paul Herdsman On A Successful Business

July 20, 2018

Paul Herdsman is a co-founder and COO of NICE Global, which is a near-shore business solutions company located in Montego Bay, Jamaica. The idea for this business company first stemmed from the strain on internal sources of using outsources in the Philippines, India, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, and the U.S. Trying to manage the centers in each of those countries was not ideal in being efficient. Paul Herdsman decided to build a company in Jamaica, his home. He did not have the experience on knowing how to manage people or building a business, however it all ended up working out. The business was thriving, so he decided to offer his service to other clients, which is how NICE Global came to be.


In order to grow as a business, Paul Herdsman Shares Business Tips and that includes getting to know the businesses within the company. Team members should learn why it exists, what responsibilities they have, and how those responsibilities are executed. Also, he suggests to always be skeptical of what is being presented. That is not because he is a negative individual, but he believes that with skepticism comes the questions that need to be asked. Having this strategy has worked out for him and his team positively throughout the years.


Something that Paul Herdsman truly believes in is quality over quantity. He does not believe that you can achieve the results you want by sending out the most emails or giving the most presentations. It is best to focus on work that will be productive and efficient, not just busy work. That is why he keeps emails, phone calls, and meetings short and concise, because it takes away from actual productivity. Go Here for related Information


By asking the right questions, problem solving, not creating busy work, and understanding all facets of a business, your company will succeed in the most productive way.


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