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Paul Herdsman Makes Time For Hobbies

September 28, 2018


An entrepreneur and businessman, Paul Herdsman has more than ten years of experience in software industry. The Co-Founder of NICE Global, Herdsman has built a reputation for being an elite problem solver. As the company co-founder, Herdsman has a number of responsibilities including daily operations and growth planning. Outside of his daily work, Herdsman has a unique set of hobbies that have played a role in his daily work.


Paul Herdsman believes it is vital to spend time with hobbies during outside the workplace. Herdsman has two major hobbies, fishing and golf. These hobbies help him to make be a well-rounded individual and a much better leader. Herdsman began fishing around the age of five. Herdsman got his first fishing pole for Christmas when he was just a young kid. Paul Herdsman’s passion for fishing was thus born. On average Herdsman finds himself fishing at least once a week. Fishing allows Herdsman forget about work for a while and get his mind on peaceful and calm things.


Golf is Paul Herdsman other passion. Outside of playing at least once a week, Paul tries to take multiple trips a year where he will play golf for four to five days. Florida provides many opportunities to golf, but Herdsman loves to play world renowned courses such as the golf course at St. Andrews.


Herdsman is very competitive and has accomplished a lot through his hobby. Herdsman has won major tournaments in the state Florida. In golf his personal best low score is an amazing 75. Both golf and fishing are fun avenues for Paul Herdsman to release stress, thus making him a much better businessman. Visit This Page to learn more.


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