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Paul Herdsman Is Happy That He Chose Jamaica As The Home Of NICE Global

April 4, 2019


Paul Herdsman has learned to use his talents in the best of ways with the company he helped to create. That company is NICE Global, and Paul Herdsman serves as its chief operating officer. NICE Global works with other companies that are in need of nearshore services that help to improve their customer service and customer retention.


The company also helps other companies to lower their overhead costs and improve the way that their customers engage with them. Everything that NICE Global does is aimed towards improving the revenue and reputation of its clients.


Paul Herdsman has helped various companies, over the course of his career, to improve their customer service. Paul has been known as a problem solver and has found many ways to use this as an entrepreneur. The idea for NICE Global came to him when his company was outsourcing to multiple countries. This worked in the earlier days of the company but became a larger problem as time went on.


This helped to open his eyes up and take action towards creating a better solution for NICE. Paul Herdsman chose Jamaica as the home for NICE Global because it is largely an English speaking country that would also serve as a convenient location.


When NICE Global first began to operate, Paul had already done a lot of the legwork to build a base of clients. This meant that he didn’t have to spend a lot of time on marketing and drawing in new clients. Instead, he was able to get right to work by doing what he does best. He had never done business in Jamaica but was pleased with how everything had turned out in the end. Herdsman has mainly relied on word-of-mouth for attracting new customers, and this is something that has worked out very well for his company. Go Here to learn more.


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