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Paul Herdsman Expands Upon Outsourcing

December 18, 2018


Only talented professionals can forge their own path. It’s easy to honor people following in someone else’s footsteps, but not so easy to acknowledge those who start something new. Overcoming fear of failure and obtaining irrefutable success is the hallmark of a multi-talented professional.

Nothing describes Paul Herdsman better than multi-talented. Paul Herdsman is internationally recognized for his perfect skill and inept creativity in the outsourcing world. While many look down at outsourcing, Paul Herdsman figured out a way to make it acceptable and preferred. He started by co-founding NICE Global, which is based in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The biggest problem with outsourcing, from a business standpoint, is many companies specializing in outsourcing only have offices in distant countries. It’s hard for potential clients to visit on a regular basis, as many businesses need to stay ahead of the competition. Paul Herdsman set up his company in Jamaica, which is less than a two-hour flight from Miami, Florida.

Also, Herdsman wanted his company to be more than a quick stop for companies looking to cheap and easy labor. NICE Global specializes in working with already existing companies. By offering their services to well-established businesses, NICE provides near-immediate customer retention and engagement and stand a better chance of lowering overhead costs.

Another way Herdsman wanted his company to operate differently was encouraging his employees to work harder by offering incentives. Rather than set quotas, Paul developed incentive-based programs that consistently reward employees who provide tangible results for their clients.

As Herdsman mentions his Inspirery interview (found here:, company culture and the concept of “family” is what ensures his company’s success as well as the success of their clients.


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