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Paul Herdsman: An Entrepreneur Who Brings Success To Businesses

April 29, 2019


Paul Herdsman is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the nearshore customer service company of Nice Global of Jamaica. With years of experience in relevant areas, Herdsman has attained expertise in the skills needed for success in a company that specializes in service deliveries for businesses wishing to outsource. Using his vast knowledge and experience in this customer service sector, he is involved in various areas of operations, strategic partnerships and planning for long-term growth.


A firm believer in the value of his employees, Paul Herdsman strongly supports his staff because he understands the importance of retaining employees and keeping up their morale. Because he offers his employees positions that virtually have no ceiling, Mr. Herdsman retains his workforce at a higher rate than do other executives in his field.


Reflecting upon Paul’s successes in his field, he admits that he has always been interested in improving daily processes that would help a business run more efficiently, and he has always sought solutions for success. Now he parlays the skills he has attained into NICE Global.


NICE Global offers human resource, technical support, customer services, data entry and live chat services. Mr. Herdsman works closely with businesses’ team members, providing them insights for more efficiency. With his direct approach, anything that can be misunderstood is eliminated, and work can be completed more quickly and successfully.


By assisting with the management of employee-related activities and technical functions, Paul Herdsman permits a business to focus on its growth and development. When businesses contract with Mr. Herdsman’s company, the executives can feel certain that their customer needs will be met with expertise, consideration and respect. With the aid of Nice Global, companies are provided consistent and reliable customer services, and they are freed of the burden of training people in this area, as well as being relieved of the worry of losing such employees and reducing the quality of their services.


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