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Papa John’s CEO Requires Employees To Attend Diversity Training

February 28, 2019


The Wall Street Journal is reporting, the pizza chain, Papa John’s, is now requiring that its employees attend diversity training. This is according to an open letter from CEO Steve Ritchie that was addressed to employees, franchisees and customers.

Ritchie, who is 43, became CEO of Papa John’s, in January of 2018. This was after he worked his way up the ranks of the company. He started as a customer service representative. Over the course of over two decades he worked several positions. In addition to previously working as a customer service representative, he was also a delivery driver, a store general manager, a director of operations, a franchisee, and he was even President before becoming CEO.

Papa John’s is one of the largest pizza companies in the world. The company is massive as it employs more than 120,000 business and franchise employees in the United States, and 45 countries and territories throughout the world.

With so many people working for the company, Steve Ritchie found one of the best ways to improve the working conditions of the various staff and improve the experience for the varied consumer base is to adopt policies that require all people are treated with respect.

After becoming CEO, Steve Richie PaPa Johns has expressed that diversity, equity, and inclusion is one of his top priorities and has stressed that the company believes and promotes racial equality. The new diversity training is evidence that his priority is one of inclusion and racial fairness and that Papa John’s is committed to serving his customers in a respectful way.

This type of requirement for employees is not a new thing. Earlier this year the coffee company, Starbucks, also announced that their employees would undergo the same type of training due to an incident involving two Black patrons who were arrested after the store manager called the police on them in error. See This Article for additional information.


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