Low-Income Communities

Rocketship Education Changing Tides

Rocketship Public Schools is comprised of a network of charter school and is based in Redwood, California. Founded in 2006 by Preston Smith and John Danner, Rocketship Education is primarily focused on a student from low-income communities. By adapting technology to traditional teaching and by taking advantage of targeted tutoring, the school has changed the […]

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An up close with Bob Reina

Bob Reina the founder of Talk fusion emphasizes on hard work, and commitment as some of the key players to achieving success. Bob worked as patrol police for several years, but he decides to pursue his passion for business. Bob Reina was always interested in marketing, and after several years he decided to quit. His […]

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Mina Ebrahimi’s passion in the Culinary business and field was nurtured at a young age by her parents upon their migration into the United States. This was at Tiffany’s Bakery at Seven Corners. She later took over the family’s business in Tyson’s Galleria at Saint Germain Cafe. At 26, had a grand vision of turning […]

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Dick DeVos Article Recap

When people think of DeVos, they mostly think about US Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, but they don’t realize that her husband is just as popular in the business world. Dick DeVos, the former head of Amway, and one of the prominent business leaders in this country was recently appointed to the Management Advisory Council […]

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Fairways & Flounder: Founder Paul Herdsman

When you are a professional bent on establishing quality relationships across the board and while fulfilling all of your life roles, you must have solidified a life management module that you believe in and adhere to committedly. As spouse, father, offspring, business developer and resolution specialist, Mr. Paul Herdsman has accomplished exactly that. His blueprint […]

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