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Meet Anthony Constantinou- The Pioneer In Research Related To Making Intelligent Decisions In Uncertain Environments

November 16, 2018


Anthony Constantinou is a lecturer at the Queen Mary University of London where he doubles as an assistant professor in the same department. His major areas of interest are Data Mining and Machine Learning. He is in charge of the Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Research Lad. He also works as the main researcher of the EPSRC UKRI Fellowship.

Constantinou focuses on assessing risks and making smart decisions in uncertain environments. To achieve his goal, he works with other scholars and the relevant organizations. The researches that he conducts cover several areas such as gaming and medicine. Also, it involves economics, finance, and sports.



Anthony Constantinou teaches Data Analytics to both the undergraduate and postgraduate students. The students learn different strategies, practice, and mechanisms. This is to enable them to make informed choices in a business environment. They cover social, ethical and legal issues related to the storage of data and evaluation. In addition to their study, the students also take part in practical activities. The tasks involve factual analysis, precise summary and actual presentation.

Anthony Constantinou is also an editor at the Plus One. This is a platform where most researchers get to bring out their research works. He has publications which include Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Under Certainty. Also is the Learning DAGS with Temporal Information and Dolores. Dolores is a platform that helps make intelligent predictions on football matches.


More Information

Anthony Constantinou also works as a consultant in sports. He serves several sports gaming businesses. Anthony Constantinou’s skills and ideas have helped most gamblers in sports to attain positive results. He also provides consultation services to Rating Systems. He assists great companies to make a profound decision when they are under pressure. This, in turn, helps such companies to run their operations with success. Go To This Page for additional information.


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