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Market America Miami Products, Exclusive Skincare Lines, and New Technologies

August 16, 2017

Market America Miami isn’t a stranger to global initiatives. The Internet Retailer and One-to-One Marketing Company announced a wide range of programs meant to draw prospective entrepreneurs and customers from all corners of the world. According to the chief executive officer and President JR Ridinger, Market America Miami provides a platform for the biggest global expansion the company has ever undertaken. The main message of Market America Miami to entrepreneurs is “Converting Spending Into Earning” also known as the Shopping Unity. Through the shopping website of Market America Miami, consumers can access millions of products such as Market America Miami exclusive brands and many other top retail brands.


This year, Market America Miami is looking to unveil new products, especially from the award-winning collection Motives by Ridinger Loren line of cosmetics created by Market America| SHOP.COM Vice President and Senior Executive Loren Ridinger. The company recently launched a line of skincare, the highly anticipated Lumiere de Vie from fashion and beauty expert Amber Ridinger. The brand is exclusively available at SHOP.COM and is the next skincare generation aimed at preventing and helping people with skin related issues regardless of skin type and age.


Market America is presently in seven markets across the world including Australia, the United States, Hong Kong, Canada, Taiwan, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. It is dedicated to making the dynamic model of business more global. During Market America Miami events, the company outlines how it takes its robust entrepreneurial platform into new countries making it available to millions of entrepreneurs in the world.