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Louis Chenevert’s inspiring quotes for 2019 successful businesses

March 6, 2019

Louis Chenevert’s exceptional leadership qualities have established him as a respectable man in Canada and beyond. Louis is a skilled businessman with substantial knowledge of the management of enterprises. He holds a bachelors degree in production management and has been a force to reckon with in the world of business.

Louis Chenevert has held various leadership positions in different corporate institutions. He has also honed his analytical and management skills considerably while helping the institution achieve their objectives. Louis Chenevert has grown his career significantly in business management. He has received promotions and served at top executive management positions in different companies such as the General Motors and Pratt and Whitney company.

Louis Chenevert has also served as the chief executive officer of United Technologies Corporation. He held positions such as the director and the chief operating officer of the company before taking the helm of United Technologies Company in 2008. Louis Chenevert also serves as a member of various committees such as the Business Roundtable. He has been instrumental in the making of the tax and fiscal policy while serving as the leader of the committee. Louis Chenevert’s input on business ideas has helped institutions and boards to succeed.

Louis Chenevert’s advice to the business leaders

Louis Chenevert offers important business ideas to the business leaders and executive management of enterprises and companies. He shows the power and influence of the employees in successful companies. Louis states that employees are the critical resource of a business and outlines ways in which the management can do to influence positive results in the company. The institution should empower employees to perform well in their duties through the following methods:

Creating an ethical culture within the company

Louis points that creating a good culture within an organization helps to improve the relations among the employees and the management. A good culture will involve minding about the welfare of everyone within the organization. It will also include things such as team building to enhance the relations within the company. Employers will get to know the grievances of their employees and make the necessary adjustments.


Louis Chenevert states that rewarding dedicated employees represent one way of promoting success in your organization. Many employees quit their jobs looking for opportunities for growth. Training of new staff might be costly to a company hence the need to reward the hardworking employees who already know the business operations.


Louis also explains that providing training programs for your employees is an excellent way to enhance their skills. The company can cater for some part of the total cost involved. Louis says that business that will follow these steps will experience success.