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Louis Chenevert Gives Out Essential Factors to Consider When Starting a Business

October 31, 2018

Louis Chenevert has a different approach to the factors that people consider while starting a business. Many consider the duration the company will last, the magnitude of the goods or services offered that the business will provide and whether the business would provide enough profit. Those are important factors to consider, but Louis Chenevert insists that not many people consider the quality of the employees to have in the business. The type of employees answer all the rest factors because they will determine the duration the business and the amount of profit the business will make. He, however, notes that its impossible to disclose your profit when hiring someone. After enlisting the person, the real picture will surface as to whether the individual is productive or not, easy to handle and his or her relationship with the customers. Many of the employees display their true character as portrayed during the interview.

As Louis Chenevert explains, the worst scenario in the business is to have an employee who is of negative opinion to the business. Some bad employees criticize the business behind your back even if they contribute good ideas for improving the business. The best way to handle such people is to do it professionally because such people can bring down your business. Their negative attitude can infect others with sick leave excuses and spoil customer service thus lowering the profits that result in business closure.

Chenevert insists that such employees must be avoided like the plague because they ruin even the positive minded ones and mess with the general performance. Sacking such an employee earlier saves you the burden taming the whole number of employees.

Louis Chenevert is experienced in business after working for Pratt & Whitney, an aerospace company, as the President from 1999 to 2006. After two years, he joined UTC, Universal Technologies Corporation from 2008 to 2014. He worked as the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer and led the multi-billion dollar company to great heights. He learned many business tips when working with these companies especially internal politics that ruin the performance of any business.