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L’Oréal Paris Fashion Event On The Seine

March 18, 2019


L’Oréal posted an article on their site in Novemeber of 2018 called “Celebrating Inclusivity at ‘Le Défilé L’Oréal Paris’ on the Seine” that encapsulates the majestic fashion event. It’s worth taking a look at the article and noting who is leading the company. For example, L’Oréal currently has a man by the name of Nicolas Krafft in position as the VP of Global Business Development.


The show was well attended by the public and included celebrity appearances. Nikolo Coster-Waldau from Game of Thrones made an appearance. Paralympic champion Marie Bochet made her debut as the abassador of L’Oréal Paris. Let’s not forget the celebrity models that were in attendance. Elle Fanning, Louise Bourgoin, and Eva Longoria are examples of the type of talent at the event.


If you’re not familiar with who is running shows like these, there are plenty of people involved in the programs. One person who is making decisions at L’Oréal is Nicolas Krafft. After working several other positions with the company, Nicholas Krafft is currently positioned as Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oréal. Though he has worked as a General Manager for L’Oréal and Deputy General Manager out of Eastern Europe, Nicholas Krafft Loreal initially started with L’Oréal in 2002 in the position of marketing director.


If you didn’t get a chance to witness the show in Paris that L’Oréal put together, you’re in luck. Drones were filming the entire event to be aired to people in several countries throughout the world. This event is all part of L’Oréal’s campaign to highlight diversity and creativity. The 60-meter long floating catwalk was put up along the Seine River to remind people of L’Oréal Paris’s true inspiration for their work. Find Related Information Here.


The city and the people who were able to attend the event should not be surprised to find out that, according to L’Oréal’s website, “Diversity in women’s beauty was the star.”


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