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Looking Into The Impactful Life Of Carsten Thiel from Abeona

May 1, 2019


Carsten Thiel is a global biotech executive and the CEO of Abeona Therapeutics, a gene and cell therapy firm. He has vast experience in driving business growth, managing P&L for enterprises as well as M&A services. He also holds unique skills in business acumen and a better understanding of global business and cultural issues.


He has worked with various renowned companies such as Alexion as the Chief Commercial Personnel, EMEA & Asia Pacific as SVP and the Vice President of Amgen Inc. Carsten Thiel holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biochemistry from Phillips University and the University of Bristol. He also has a PhD in Molecular Biology from Max Planck Institute in Gottingen.


Carsten Thiel’s day starts with a morning coffee with his family and a quick check on emails and updates on the world news. The news on global issues helps him in gaining necessary information, and it’s a time where he gets a moment for himself. He spends some time with the board of the company and investors, making sure that they are updated on crucial things of the company. Go To This Page for more information.


He also excludes some time for customers and doctors; that is, people who use his products mostly. He takes some time engaging with his staff and employees so that he can have an idea of how the company is running and as part of checking the success of the firm.


In his new profession, Carsten Thiel led a team of employees and researchers to improve outstanding products for companies. During his first leadership roles, Thiel appreciated the efforts of collaboration and teamwork. He learned that the best way to develop new concrete ideas was by including the opinions and insights of one’s team. By considering their findings and purposes, he developed a professional link between them, and therefore the ideas suggested became the best.


Carsten Thiel comes from a family of medical personnel, a situation that motivated him to follow their steps. In school, he was especially interested in relevant topics of science and biology.


In the process, Carsten Thiel gained a valuable understanding of how DNA works and how it is related to human existence. At this point, he realized that he wanted to follow this exciting topic as his life career. He encourages entrepreneurs to provide good examples to their staff and take their businesses seriously for positive results.


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