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Learn How To Be Successful From Vinod Gupta

October 19, 2018


Vinod Gupta is a successful entrepreneur. He was born in India. He attended the local schools in India before he got an opportunity to attend the Indian Institute of Technology. He later got another opportunity to advance his studies in the United States. He got a scholarship to study at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. He took a degree in agricultural engineering. After he completed, he was employed as a data analyst by a company known as Commodore Corp. he was tasked with the responsibility of looking for information about all other mobile home service providers in the country. It is at this point that Gupta came up with the idea of building a database company. He found out that there was no compiled database for business information.


Vinod Gupta created a list of all mobile home’s companies in the country. He used the Yellow Pages information to create the list. The list gained huge demand from other businesses, and they started paying for it. Vinod Gupta began to see checks of up to 13,000 coming his way. He realized how the great the idea was decided to make it a company. He created the American Business Information company. It would later be renamed InfoGroup. He sold it for $680 million in 2010.


Vinod Gupta is an example of how great a business person can become. He has built a multi-million-dollar company with very little capital. Vinod Gupta has succeeded in his work as an investor because he was determined to make it no matter the challenges. He remained committed to the end goal and not the challenges he was facing. Today, he is offering support to entrepreneurs from low-income families. He is supporting the education of many disadvantaged children through his philanthropic initiatives. Vinod has proved that anyone can be successful with the right attitude. See This Article for additional information.


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