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Kamil Idris: The Impact of That Intellectual Rights Have on Sustainability

May 9, 2018

There is a recent message from Prof. Kamil Idris featured on discussing some of the important issues surrounding the possession of intellectual property. In order to understand why intellectual property is so important, one must understand what exactly intellectual property consists of. Prof. Kamil Idris does a great job of discussing why intellectual property is a driving force behind the technological advances of society within the article. He explains that through the use of the different types of designs, trademarks, and copyrights, individuals are able to market their inventions and services to provide a better standard of living. Now, while it may seem as though this is solely for a retail market, that is not entirely true. There are people working on scientific solutions to things such as pollution or global warming that deserve as much credit for their intellectual property as someone who designs a new electronic device. Prof. Kamil Idris is simply trying to create an awareness for those individuals that toil away on these projects, and the rights they have earned by dedicating their lives to these issues.

The reason that intellectual property matters for Prof. Kamil Idris is because she was once an acting director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, and he acts as the current director for the World Association for Sustainable Development. The reason intellectual property is so important is that it can play a huge role in sustainable development. Therefore, it has remained on his radar even after leaving WIPO, besides the fact that he has always been passionate about the protection of people’s intellectual rights. If the rights to intellectual property are not protected then people will stop trying to come up with answers to very important problems in society, and even if they are not looking for recognition for those solutions they still deserve recognition for their contributions. Prof. Kamil Idris is an outspoken advocate for people that may feel as though they had lost control of their intellectual property. He wants to create a better type of world and the best way to do that is to secure individual rights and to promote a sense of awareness about these issues.