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January 16, 2019 is one of the China’s biggest online shopping platforms and they have proved themselves as a company that embraces change and innovation. Thanks to the leadership of their founder and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Liu Qiangdong, is a front runner when it comes to new technologies and actively participating in their communities. the main competitor of another online shopping platform giant, Alibaba by Jack Ma – but at the pace and innovations that has been doing, it is not far from now that will take the upper hand in the online shopping platform rankings.


JD has quite a few notable developments in their business lately and they are varied in the things that they are focused in. Recently, they have focused on technological advancements to be able to provide a better, easier and faster shopping experience for their consumers. has recently used their influence and connections with hotels, airports, railway stations, supermarkets and convenience stores to expand their operations and make their consumers experience in a whole different way. has recently established and erected two new innovative stores at the Hothot East Railway Station and at the Beijing Capital International Airport and this employs’s “Boundary-Less Retail” strategy.’s boundaryless retail strategy makes consumers buy what they want, when they want it and where they want it. This gives consumers a more enjoyable and easier experience, and it caters mainly for travelers. This technology by allows travelers to order and make purchases wherever they are, even when they are in transit. The technology is so advanced that it also factors in the consumers behavior towards purchasing products to that the experience of ordering will be easier and faster. Refer to This Article to learn more. and the technology that it employs, utilizes traffic flow and customer behavior to be able to assist with inventory management and product selection for their consumers. The technology can generate heatmaps that can be used to make the shopping experience more convenient. The unmanned stores will be equipped with the most popular items that will be generated by the heatmaps and the consumers will be able to experience what future shopping looks like.


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