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Jana Lightspeed: A Successful Investment Career

March 21, 2019

Jana Messerschmidt, also known as Jana Lightspeed is currently a partner Lightspeed Ventures. She also doubles up as a member of the consumer investing team at this prestigious company. Lightspeed Ventures is an American based company that focuses on providing venture capital funding to startups in the enterprise and technology space. As an investing partner in the company, Jana Lightspeed exercises a diversified portfolio. She provides the firms with seed capital, expansion or growth funding in the early and later stages.

Prior to joining Lightspeed Ventures, Jana served as a Global Business and Development Platform Vice President at Twitter. Her role required her to manage the partnerships, manage enterprises, business development and carry out platform marketing for the company. In 2010, before joining Twitter, Jana worked at Netflix in charge of business development. She is also a Cofounder of #ANGELS, an investment company with the intent of enabling more women to invest in startups. As a company, they have invested in over 80 startups such as Cameo and Bird. Before working in international firms, Jana worked with DivX and SmartDrive as Global Sales Senior Manager and Director of Strategic Accounts respectively.

Being an investor comes with high productivity expectations. Jana utilizes time management aspects to balance between her family and career. One of the exciting factors of her work is being able to work with passionate entrepreneurs and help bring their ideas to life. To actualize ideas, she thinks over them logically, then sets achievable goals and tactics necessary to achieve each one of them.

Jana Lightspeed is fond of creating checklists to help her in tracking progress towards a particular goal. She is excited about the changing trends in the transportation industry and has invested as an angel investor to companies that seek to impact life in the cities.