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Insights Of Shafik Sachedina

May 11, 2018

Shafik Sachedina was born in 1950 in Dar Eesalam Tanzania, and he moved to the United Kingdom years back when he was a teenager. While in the United Kingdom, Shafik attended Guy Medical Hospital College, where he earned his knowledge of medicine and its basics. He later joined London Dental School, where he majored in dental surgery, which he has been practicing for a vast number of years. Shafik has gained a lot of skills in the medical sector over the recent years through which he has acquired the passion towards investing in the medical sector. His knowledge in entrepreneurship that he acquired years back, saw him establish the Sussex Medical Centre, which has been marked by a tremendous growth.


Shafik Sachedina has impressed many people due to his commitment and dedication towards his work. His contributions towards the Islamic community has been noticed by many people, who have applauded his gesture. He has in the recent year’s acquired control of the Ismaili community`s institutions, which exist in over 16 locations. He has worked together with the Agha Khan Development Network through which he volunteers to offer help to the people of the Ismaili community.


Besides playing role in the Ismaili community, Shafik is also the founder and owner of Sussex Healthcare, a firm that aims at restoring health to people that have various neurological problems. His firm has profoundly developed over the recent years and has incorporated skilled trainers and modern equipment to help people reduce stress and start their healing journey towards a life free of stress. In addition to that, Sussex healthcare focuses on combining environment, healthy diet and environment to restore good health to their patients. Through the firm, Shafik has proved his education towards bringing happiness to people and giving them back their joy through reduction of stress by use of natural ways. Visit This Page for additional information.


Shafik`s commitment has touched the hearts of many people and he has always encouraged people to work together as a team for them to succeed in their motives. He believes that teamwork is the key towards performing and delivering more in a firm. Besides, he insists that people should set goals to serve as their guidelines towards success. The renowned entrepreneur and dental surgeon are passionate about giving back to the community and he has taken part in a vast number of voluntary services, particularly at the Agha Khan Forum, to help people of the Islamic community in general.