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Innovation Has Been Essential For The Growth Of OSI Industries

June 8, 2018

OSI industries is among the leading producers of meat processed food products. It operates both locally and other countries around the globe. This company’s journey from when it was established until today is a clear indication that innovation and the identification of opportunities can lead to growth.

This company was established at a time when immigrants from Germany were settling in Chicago. With the aim of providing meat to the community at Oak Park, Otto Kolschowsky opened a butcher and meat market in 1909. At this time, the city was growing, and more immigrants were settling, therefore, creating an excellent market for Kolschowsky. In 1928, the company was branded as Otto & Sons. The business had grown into a wholesale business and could sell its services to several places.

In 1955 when McDonald’s was established Otto & Sons became the supplier of ground beef which was used to make the hamburgers. As McDonald’s grew, this company had the task of supplying its products to all of its restaurants. McDonald’s was experiencing high-speed growth such that Otto & Sons had to establish a product line dedicated to providing the products to McDonald’s. In 1975, the name changed to OSI Industries because it had grown from retailing to being a manufacturer and a wholesale distributor. OSI Industries experienced a lot of expansion both locally and internationally. It was striving to cope up with McDonald whose growth was intense. Internationalization in places like Spain and Germany was proving complicated for this organization. It required a leader who was equipped with investment knowledge. As such, Sheldon Lavin who joined the company in 1975 became its CEO and Chairman to guide the company on its local and international market ventures.

It could be argued that the association of this company and McDonald’s helped it to grow on international growth. Until today, OSI industries has portrayed its ability to thrive, being that it continues to supply meat processed products to several firms around the globe. Places like China and the Asia Pacific have proven to be very ideal for this company’s advancement. Product diversification has been essential, and it now sells pizza, sausages and hamburger patties. The growth of this company is a clear indication that a lot of innovation is required to thrive. With proper leadership and commitment, a company can achieve a lot and more