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Hussain Sajwani Is One Of The Richest Arabs In The World

August 8, 2018

Hussain Sajwani was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of the richest Arabs in the world. His net worth is estimated at over for billion dollars. Sajwani is an entrepreneur who built his organization from the ground up. He has a multicultural education and conducts business with some of the largest companies around the globe.

Hussain Sajwani is the son of an entrepreneur. His father was a salesman who imported goods from outside the country and sold them on the open market. Sajwani inherited his business tenacity from his father and would later apply it to his own career. He attended the University of Washington on a government scholarship and completed a degree in engineering. Hussain immediately moved from there into the workforce and took a job with Abu Dhabi Gas Industries.

Hussain Sajwani‘s time at Abu Dhabi Gas Industries would not last long. He spent two years with the organization and decided to venture out. Sajwani’s first entrepreneurial enterprise was a catering company called Global Logistics Services. Global Logistics Services was a supreme success. The company is still conducting business and has contracts with major organizations such as the United States military and Betchel.

Hussain Sajwani moved on from Global Logistics Services to launch DAMAC Properties. It is currently one of the signature developers in the region. The company is responsible for the construction of over 19,000 apartment complexes. These complexes feature up to 44,000 units.

According to the Arab News, DAMAC Properties has been involved with several other high-profile projects that include the Versace Fendi houses and the Bugatti style Italian Villas. DAMAC Properties also constructed the Paramount Hotel and Resorts.

Tiger Woods designed a Golf Course in the Middle East that was constructed by DAMAC Properties. The course is managed by the Trump Organization. Hussain Sajwani and the Trump Organization developed a splendid working relationship while putting together the golf course. Sajwani is proud of the fact that he has been able to work with the Trump family despite Mr. Trump’s selection to the office of President of the United States.

Hussain and his family were invited to Mr. Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate as he celebrated his nomination to political office. Mr. Trump acknowledged the Sajwani family and assured everyone interested that there would be no conflict of interest with his duties as President of the United States. Sajwani and DAMAC Properties plan to conduct business with Eric and Donald Trump Jr. They will be running the Trump Organization in their father’s place.

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