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How Victoria Doramus Supports Charitable Organizations

February 22, 2019


Victoria Doramus is a philanthropist based in New York. She has been concentrating on several charitable endeavors. From 2016, she volunteered her resources for various charities. Amy Winehouse is one such organization that she has been supporting. She has also initiated her support to Best Friends Animal Society, and the Women’s Prison Association.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation

Victoria Doramus is a recovery expert with deep involvement with The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which was founded in memory of the talented singer Amy Winehouse, who passed away after a drug and alcohol overdose when she was 27 years. The objective of the Foundation is centered on three primary goals namely: informing the youth about the risks of abusing drugs and alcohol and supporting those who are misusing these substances.

Women’s Prison Association

Apart from the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Doramus the recovery expert supports the Women’s Prison Association. The organization represents more than 2000 women not only in New York but city jails too. Usually, they are imprisoned for drug-related issues. The majority are poor while others are women of color.

WPA helps women to identify and settle in safe housing, interact with their kids, and battle their addiction by accessing mental health services. Knowledge is power. That explains why these women have the chance to learn more about household budgeting skills.

Room to Read

Another organization Doramus is supporting is Room to Read. It is changing people’s lives, especially in impoverished countries. The organization and its supporters are advocating for gender equality in literacy and education in the world. Having partnered with Room to Read Victoria Doramus offers support to the girls to graduate from high school with relevant skills to be successful in life. Since the organization was established in 2000, more than 20,000 communities have gained from its objective to educate scholars in Bangladesh, India, Jordan, and Nepal, among others. Read This Article for more information.

Best Friends Animal Society

Conclusively, Victoria Doramus is aware that animals need our assistance. That’s why she has been supporting Best Friends Animal Society, a non-profit organization that helps animals through attempting to end their killing in the shelters in the United States of America. There was a time when animals were killed routinely as a way of getting rid of unwanted pets. Doramus holds that human beings can help such animals by supporting Best Friends Animal Society.