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How National Steel Car Thrives Under the Leadership of Gregory Aziz

February 17, 2018

Gregory James Aziz has had a sterling tenure at National Steel Car. He first joined the company after he managed the purchase of the company back from a former owner. The leadership at National Steel Car was so impressed that they recruited James Aziz to work as part of their leadership team. He has had many leadership roles throughout the years, including Chief Operating Officer. However, he currently holds the elite position of serving as the company’s Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board. These are three weighted positions and he has done a massive role in helping the company grow. He has created several thousand new jobs as well as more than tripling production of steel railway freight cars during his time with the company.


Prior to working at National Steel Car, Greg Aziz got his start working for his family’s company. The company was a wholesaler of fresh foods and when Gregory Aziz joined it was an operation regional to Canada. However, his talent for business development shone brightly at the company, which was named Affiliated Foods. During his time there he successfully grew the company to become a global entity. By the time he left the company was doing business with major food distributors across the globe, including South America, Central America, the United States, Europe and Canada. The power of his skill for company growth can’t be overstated.


The spirit of philanthropy truly stems from the leadership at National Steel Car. The company’s leaders are highly passionate about giving back to the community and about supporting their employees. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, President and Chairman of the Board, Gregory J. Aziz, is highly passionate about giving back to the community of Hamilton and beyond. In fact, he and his wife are dedicated supporters of Canada’s largest agricultural fair each year. It is through his commitment to the region and town of Hamilton that he sets an example for his employees and for other leadership to give back to their community and beyond.


The company also supports local organizations like the Hamilton Opera, the local chapter of United Way and the local chapter of the Salvation Army. In addition, employees are encouraged to submit their own proposals for donations or sponsorship to organizations that they are a part of or passionate about. National Steel Car also hosts a massive holiday party for all employees, both past and present.   See This Article for more information.