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How Is Making It Its Priority To Take Action On Sustainability

January 30, 2019


E commerce has changed the way business is carried out. It has allowed consumers to buy whatever, whenever, allowing retailers to offer a simpler and faster way to get its goods delivered. This has led to greater production of waste due to packaging, making it hard to repurpose boxes and other materials., also known to many as Jingdong Mall feels the need to approach this issue and find a solution to avoid this mass production of waste. China’s e commerce is only going to get bigger and JD believes in sustainability and has plans to take a more active role in stopping the waste and bringing a different approach to the way businesses deal with this as well.

Jingdong Mall has taken an active role on reducing waste by allowing their consumers to return boxes and re use them, and encouraging its partnering retailers to promote reuse and recycling culture. Creating boxes out of biodegradable and reusable material and making all the transactions digital and going paperless are examples of JD’s steps towards environmental conscience.

Jingdong has made a commitment to make the whole process as green as possible, by also implementing less conventional fuel vehicles, which translates as less CO2 emissions.

Also, by bringing the focus to the products themselves, encouraging retailers and manufacturers to use renewable materials, as well as a sustainable process to reduce negative environmental impact.

It is important to work along advocacy groups, such as the United Nations Development Programme, to get the message out there of what needs to be done to fix the pollution process through consumption, which JD is currently doing. Campaigns that encourage repurposing of items such as clothing, toys and books, prolong the life cycle of these items and reduce waste.

As a top e commerce company, JD has taken the role of switching how consumption is approached by the general public, making it a priority to make people aware of their shopping habits. By having this awareness when it comes to consumption and making our way to sustainability, the impact on environment will be for the better, allowing to foresee a much better and viable future. See Related Link to learn more.


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