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Here’s Is How Hussain Sajwani Is Transforming UAE’s Skyline With Amazing Developments

October 22, 2018

DAMAC Founder and Owner, Hussain Sajwani is one of the most notable entrepreneurs in the world. Specifically, in Dubai and the Middle East, it is almost impossible to talk about the entrepreneurial world and leave out Mr. Sajwani. This is because his work is seen virtually everywhere step in Dubai. Being a property developer, the magnificent buildings and property Hussain Sajwani has put up are easy to spot, and one can’t help but admire them.

The journey to the top for Hussain Sajwani was not full of glamour as many thinks. Mr. Sajwani’s steps to get to the top began by getting the right skills and knowledge for the business world, especially in real estate. For this reason, he attended the University of Washington and earned a degree in Industrial Engineering and Economics. According to him, education is critical as it opens up one’s mind to new ways of thinking. This is a major key for all the beginners aspiring to make it big in entrepreneurship.

To gather some experience, Hussain joined the Abu Dhabi Gas Industries and worked at the company’s finance department. According to an interview with Hussain posted on Bitsy link, he notes that gaining experience is a critical move if one wants to take big steps in the business world.

In 1983, Hussain Sajwani started a catering company which grew very fast. Currently, the firm services numerous markets from all over the world including Africa and the Middle East. It was in 2002 that Mr. Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties. This was after the UAE’s leadership opened the sector to foreign investors.

DAMAC Properties is a multinational company based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates that specializes in developing a host of residential and commercial properties. DAMAC properties Company was started 16 years ago and has grown over the years to put up some exquisite property like the Trump World Golf Club and AKOYA Oxygen. In addition to everything else, Hussain Sajwani is a man of vision who puts in place the appropriate measures to facilitate the growth and expansion of his businesses.