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Gregory Aziz: The Game Changer of North American Freight Car Industry

January 9, 2018

The freight car industry is one of the most traditional industries in the world with huge innovation requirements in the safety and security. Due to that reason, the players in the industry who are putting more importance to both by understanding the customer expectations win the market. The executives and their approach play largely in the success of the industry. In that sense, National Steel Car – the leader of the North American industry – is gifted with Gregory J Aziz. As the Chief Executive of the company, he is visualizing the growth plan of the firm for more than two decades.



The firm with more than a hundred years of expert service in the industry was once the leader of the industry. But, in the later years, it lost its momentum with lack of innovation and visionary leadership. However, Gregory James Aziz joined the firm in 1994 by acquiring it and brought back to the golden days of industrial leadership with Gregory J Aziz’s visionary thoughts. Few important characteristics make him different from other executives in the industry. He is known for creating great teams and gives greater importance to technology. Gregory J Aziz is also highly convinced and impressed with the engineering expertise of National Steel Car.



Interestingly, quality is the key area which he worked considering the diverse needs of National Steel Car’s diversified customer base. Since Greg joined the firm in 1994, the company ramped up its recruitment process and enhanced the capacity of its plants by bringing more equipment. It helped the firm to reach its production capacity almost four times, 12,000 freight cars a year, along with reaching employee base to 3,000 from just 600 employees. While becoming the industry leader in terms of capacity, the firm also became the last word in highest quality and safety solutions. It is the consistent winner of ISO 9001:2008 certification and TTX SECO award, both for quality and for decades – the only player in the industry with ISO certification. Refer to This Article for additional information.


Greg James Aziz is also known for stuffing philanthropic thoughts into the hearts of National Steel Car. Under his leadership, the company focuses on community developmental projects. By giving a special mention to the Hamilton community, it sponsored events and programs such as the United Way, renowned Theater Aquarius, the Salvation Army, the famous the Hamilton Opera, and many other local institutions and charities. It also conducts regular Christmas party for its employees and their family which become a major food drive for the company to help local food banks.