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Fairways & Flounder: Founder Paul Herdsman

May 23, 2018

When you are a professional bent on establishing quality relationships across the board and while fulfilling all of your life roles, you must have solidified a life management module that you believe in and adhere to committedly. As spouse, father, offspring, business developer and resolution specialist, Mr. Paul Herdsman has accomplished exactly that. His blueprint for living is worthy of emulation.


Paul’s twelve guiding principles for success are simply stated yet his philosophy and vision that undergird their application are profound ( Learn more about Paul’s business strategies in his 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman) Succinctly advised, if you maintain a positive disposition, assume risks, participate in activities dear to your heart, actively pursue your dreams, fit together a relevant team, avoid cutting corners, honestly examine temporary failures, maintain research as a vital aspect of your business, treat your customers like gold, don’t give up on your visions, embrace guidance from a mentor and wisely select your obligations, you will sail through life unencumbered. The challenges you meet will excel your efforts and not devour you. The beauty of it all is that each of these twelve fluidly interlock since they exist cohesively in the same paradigm. See This Article to learn more.


Let’s take a brief, in depth look at the twelve. Paul Herdsman counsels that gratefulness will yield positivity and suggests beginning and ending each day by reflecting on five aspects of your life that you appreciate. He suggests being willing to fail as a prerequisite for ultimately succeeding as long as you assess all possible outcomes and prepare to address them. He mentor’s others toward the need to favor your work activities as they will require of you much time and energy in order to distinguish your business.


Paul guides us to map out a clear plan that extends ten to fifteen years into the future, using this as a guiding post when the daily humdrum starts to wear you thin. When establishing your business team, he promotes securing people of character, values and variation of perspective. He reminds us that entrepreneurship demands our time in many duties including sales, operations, finance and marketing. He is keen to encourage us to extend our efforts past our seeming failures, to push past the new business statistics.


Paul Herdsman recognizes that the key to his success has been constant appeal unto his clientele, earnestly considering their feedback and expectations. He manages his Company with a carte blanche layout to wow his customers, obliterating any possible temptation to consider patronizing the competition. He points out that success does not only require mental strength but such acuity over an extended period of time. If aiming to conquer your dreams, you cannot harbor a white flag in the depths of your psyche. He reiterates the importance of having a mentor as an integral part of your personal team network, someone trustworthy whom you respect and who is already doing what you hope to accomplish. Finally, Paul recounts the logistics so that we can selectively spend our 24hours/day applying focused priority toward relevant action.


Paul Herdsman is Founder and Chief Operating Officer of NICE Global, an Inbound Calls Expert company out of Jamaica and Florida. Amidst filling all of his roles, he also goes golfing and fishing on a regular basis. It’s in the plan