Elysium Health Redefines the Nutritional Supplement Business

April 4, 2018

Co-founded in 2014 by leading MIT  researcher Leonard Guarente, Elysium Health is working to solve the biggest challenges in health with science, to help people live healthier, longer. Elysium translate scientific developments and technological advances into scientifically sound  products that work.

The company’s first product, known as Basis, is a supplement that takes advantage of some of the key findings of aging research of the last 25 or so  years. Basis is designed to support cellular health by increasing levels of a critical molecule known as nicotinamide adenine riboside, or NAD+, which is intimately involved in many biological processes, including   energy creation, regulating circadian rhythms, and maintaining healthy DNA.

Elysium Health takes the validation of its products’ ability to support cellular health extremely seriously. Elysium is willing to go the extra mile in continuing to evaluate the effectiveness of its products. A double blind, randomized, placebo-controlled clinical study conducted in 2016 demonstrated  that Basis increases levels of NAD+ in humans by an average of 40 percent.

Elysium Health currently has a number of new products in the development pipeline. But for now, Basis is the only product the company is currently selling.