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Doe Deere Reveals The Struggles Behind Her Immigrant Story

November 6, 2018

Doe Deere is not looking for the sympathy of the American public when she explains her immigrant story, but would rather her tale of success was known to add to the current political rhetoric. The basis of the success enjoyed by the Russian immigrant and her family could only have been achieved with the aid of some of the most compassionate U.S. citizens one could hope to meet. Without the support of the people of New York City, Doe Deere does not believe she would have made the success of her life which now sees her classed as one of the leading cosmetics entrepreneurs in the world.

Arriving in New York City as Xenia Vorotova from the small Russian city of Izhevsk, Doe Deere was faced with a huge culture shock. Reassured her accountant mother would be able to find work quickly as an accountant, the reality was different and her mother took a job as a cleaner to make ends meet despite being qualified in accountancy. Unable to make ends meet, the family were forced to move to a homeless shelter where Doe Deere began sketching the designs which would lead to her becoming a student at the Institute of Fashion.

In the view of Doe Deere, what makes America great are the people who are willing to put their own time aside to help immigrants and others in need to achieve greatness themselves. The LimeCrime founder has been vocal in her appreciation of the work of Sanctuary for Families activist Dorchen Leidholdt, a feminist lawyer who worked to aid families in need of assistance in New Ork’s homeless shelters. Doe Deere was encouraged to apply for the Institute of Fashion by Leidholdt and still holds the New York attorney on a pedestal as one of her long-time mentors.

After ten years in the U.S., Doe Deere had graduated from design school and become one of the leading members of the cosmetics industry when she moved to Los Angeles to further her business and career. The immigrant now stands at the head of a globally-recognized cosmetics business which has changed the industry for the better.